PegaSys’ mission is to build blockchain solutions ready for production in business environments.

We collaborate closely with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and other partners to drive the creation of clear standards.

What is Enterprise Ethereum?

The EEA has defined Enterprise Ethereum as a permissioned, private blockchain using a public Ethereum client at its core. To join our discussions, join the EEA and contribute via GitHub.

Enterprise Ethereum

Private Consensus Roles &


Transaction Ledger Virtual Machine Public Consensus
Private Transactions Monitoring
& BI


Our Partners

We are running partner programs with startups, consulting companies, and large corporates building on blockchain. If you’re interested, please contact us.

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If you are a developer looking for help with issues using Pantheon, please join the respective Gitter or check our documentation.

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Professional Support

PegaSys aims to provide multi-level support for any Enterprises. We offer support for POCs, pilots, and production applications, as well as access to special content and our engineering teams.

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