PegaSys is a thought leader in the enterprise Ethereum space.

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PegaSys has published a number of white papers, including in The Journal of the British Blockchain Association and other periodicals.

The Journal of the British Blockchain Association

A Future History of International Blockchain Standards

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Cornell University Library

Requirements for Ethereum Private Sidechain

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Conferences and Workshops

We have been a part of conferences and workshops including Devcon IV, the MIT ZKProof conference, the EF sharding workshop, and others.

A Global Formation

Our position within ConsenSys gives us unparalleled reach and insight. ConsenSys is comprised of over 1000 blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, designers, engineers, consultants, and business leaders across six continents. ConsenSys has partnered with dozens of teams at the application layer of Ethereum.


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The PegaSys team is composed of engineers leading in the areas of big data processing, applied cryptography, open source computing, cloud services, and blockchain development. Interested in joining us?

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