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PegaSys is a thought leader in the enterprise Ethereum space.

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PegaSys is on a mission to advance the adoption and sophistication of Ethereum within the blockchain world. We are at the forefront of blockchain innovation with our work on mainnet and Ethereum 2.0, and our leadership in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. We are committed to delivering the best technology, service and support to our customers, partners and stakeholders.


We are a growing 60+ person organization with staff living and working in all parts of the world. We are a diverse group of individuals working together and with ConsenSys to advance the adoption and progression of blockchain. We believe in the beneficial global impact of a decentralization and are excited to bring it to fruition.


“We are all here for the same reason, that we sense that something epic and meaningful is happening here and we are on the cusp of changing everything.” Joseph Lubin – Founder, ConsenSys


PegaSys Protocol Engineering – September 2019 Update

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How PegaSys Plus Will Help Enterprises Take Their Blockchain from PoC to Production

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Update: Pantheon is now Officially Hyperledger Besu

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The work of the R&D team spans all layers of the tech stack for Ethereum blockchain. Our work covers both public chain and enterprise, including:

  • Crypto-Economics
  • Consensus
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Cryptography and
  • Virtual Machine Operations
  • Scalability
  • Privacy
  • Permissioning and
  • Robustness.

Our path to success lies in working closely with other teams within ConsenSys as well as outside parties, such as Ethereum Foundation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, academia and other members of the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

The goal of our research is not primarily academic, it is directed towards improving and evolving the Ethereum platform for all stakeholders.