Devcon 2019





PegaSys (along with the rest of the ConsenSys team) will be participating at Devcon in a big way! Join us at Devcon Park for tech challenges, lattes, games and more, participate in Narly Quest and check out one or all of our talks at Devcon.

Tech Challenge:

Can You Besu?

Hyperledger Besu is the latest Hyperledger Foundation project. It’s open-source, mainnet compatible, Java based, and Apache 2.0 licensed. We’re looking to you to try it out! Join the Hyperledger Besu Challenge “Can You Besu” to win a prize for every completed task! You can complete 1, 2 or all 3 tasks - just come by Devcon Park (right outside ATC Hall) and find Maryam to show off your work.

Task 1: Download Hyperledger Besu from

Task 2: Start syncing with Mainnet

Task 3: Screenshot a Goerli testnet transaction, from your Besu node, with I love Besu in the data field

Already a Hyperledger Besu user? You qualify to win! Just come by and show Maryam your work.


Narly Quest

Take part in the ConsenSys scavenger hunt - Narly Quest for your chance to win a champion dinner for you and your friends, along with some cool gifts along the way!

Narly Quest will run on October 09 from 11 AM - 4 PM throughout Devcon.

For the PegaSys task:
Stop by Devcon Park to complete the PegaSys task and collect a special prize!

Look for Maryam or Ali (in the Pegasus tshirt) to claim your sticker and your prize.

Stop by Devcon Park to learn more about Narly Quest and all the other tasks!

Devcon Park

All throughout Devcon, PegaSys will be offering treats, giveaways and a place to unwind from the craziness of the show at Devcon Park. Stop by, grab a latte and a treat, meet a PegaSys-ian and say hi!

Our team will be speaking throughout the event

Check out our workshops lightning talks or speaking sessions that interest you!

"Standards in Ethereum - how do we make them, how should we?"
Daniel Burnett (with Chaals Nevile - EEA, Jory Burson - OASIS, Virgil Griffiths - EF, Charles St Louis)(workshop with EEA)

“Trains, Planes, and Network Upgrades: A Regular Release Cadence for Ethereum 1.x”
Danno Ferrin & Tim Beiko

“Handel: Practical Multi-Signature Aggregation for Large Byzantine Committees”
Blazej Kolad & Nicolas Liochon

“Validating designs and finding points of failure: Testing ETH 1.x and ETH 2.0 against AI agents”
Vanessa Bridge & Olivier Bégassat

“Funding ETH 1.x With Network Upgrade Sponsors”
Tim Beiko

“Licenses, licenses, licenses!”
Felipe Faraggi