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Join PegaSys in revolutionizing blockchain with Open-Source Ethereum.

The Ethereum developer community is the largest in the world, and we’re driving it forward together. Join and contribute with the core developer team or build your own module to plug into our client.


The work of the R&D team spans all layers of the tech stack for Ethereum blockchain. Our work covers both public and private chains, including:

  • Ethereum 1.x and Ethereum 2.0
  • Crypto-Economics
  • Consensus
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Cryptography and
  • Virtual Machine Operations
  • Scalability
  • Privacy
  • Permissioning and
  • Robustness.

Our path to success lies in working closely with other teams within ConsenSys as well as outside parties, such as Ethereum Foundation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, academia and other members of the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

The goal of our research is not primarily academic, it is directed towards improving and evolving the Ethereum platform for all stakeholders.