How Concord and PegaSys are Driving the Data Privacy Revolution

In the last post of this series, we highlighted Blok-Z,  an Official PegaSys Partner specializing in delivering enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that will foster the growth of a distributed, decentralized and carbon-free energy sector. This time we’re excited to talk about one of our newest partners, Concord.

Who Are They?

Concord is a data privacy company that is focused on solving the current digital marketing crisis of required regulation compliance and declining data quality by giving mutual incentives to people and brands to adopt consent-based data solutions. The Portland-based company was founded in 2019 by a team of digital marketing and analytics experts, Dash Lavine (CEO) and Paul Lawbaugh (CTO), who have decades of experience working with online data, social networks, and large marketing initiatives; It is the team’s involvement in those data and marketing industries that led them to start Concord. With personal data being bought, sold, lost and used in threatening ways, Concord is stepping in and providing a new way to protect privacy while benefiting both people and the brands they engage with.

What Do They Do?

In the age of privacy, trust equals loyalty, and to brands, loyalty is everything. New compliance regulations such as GDPR and CCPA have made trust in the industry increasingly difficult to attain. In fact, evidence has shown that the increasing use of ad blockers is primarily the result of the distrust people feel online. Unfortunately, when it comes to compliance on sites, cookie consent and updated privacy policies are simply not enough. 

Concord’s enterprise solution helps sites and apps easily add the features required by regulation in a way that adds incentive for people to trust, engage, and stay loyal to brands. Brands benefit by getting better data and engagement from their users by providing them with data ownership, preference control, and the ability to earn incentives. People benefit by gaining ownership and control of their data, and by being given the opportunity to earn rewards simply for engaging with the brands they want to engage with. To put it simply, it’s a win-win situation.

enterprise data platform (sharing on)

Concord’s Personal Data Platform (PDP) powers their products by enabling cross-brand data and preference controls for people and easy to implement regulation ready tools for brands that encourage sharing. Key features of the platform include:

  • Personal Data Vault: enables data ownership and allows people to choose if, what, and when data is shared
  • Rewards for Sharing: incentives are given when useful information that can be used to inform analytics, ads, or more relevant content is provided.
  • Security: blockchain technology ensures both parties’ data is secure
  • Improved Data and Personalized Experiences: choosing what data is shared allows for more accurate data at a decreased cost for brands, and better experiences for the people sharing.
  • Cross-Channel Intelligence: brands are finally able to gain access to cross-network data.

All in all, the work Concord is doing is helping to build a better internet for everyone, by providing more transparency, better data and experiences, and regulatory compliance, without sacrificing trust.

Why PegaSys?

“There is a massive data crisis today that is dramatically impacting both people and brands. As a company that provides progressive privacy-first solutions to that crisis, blockchain technology is a foundational component that helps us enable real trust, transparency, and control.

The blockchain industry is also rapidly evolving, so it was very important for us to make the right technology and partnership choice when we reviewed the top enterprise solutions in the market. Hyperledger Besu from PegaSys was ultimately our pick due to a number of important factors, including the following key benefits:

1.       The Ethereum ecosystem is extremely robust when it comes to tools, technology, and community.

2.       PegaSys is a very strong technical partner. Building a world class Ethereum client is hard and PegaSys has the commitment, motivation, and resources needed to do so.

3.       The enterprise stack and feature set from PegaSys provides a number of important features for companies looking to truly leverage blockchain technology at scale. They are leading the way in areas like permissioning, privacy, and consensus algorithms.

4.       Joining Hyperledger and donating the code to the organization shows commitment to make Besu the enterprise blockchain of choice.

We are excited to partner with PegaSys and are looking forward to the future journey together.”

- Dash Lavine, Paul Lawbaugh, & Cian Montgomery

As a member of the PegaSys Partner Program, Concord gains access to special technical content, close collaboration with the PegaSys team, and the latest news on PegaSys' work in Enterprise Ethereum.

At PegaSys, our team of 70 heavily prioritizes users and customers that are aiming for production. We bring a major commitment to work with those teams that are doing more than just a POC, and offer production support for teams ready to go live.

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