How DNAtix and PegaSys are Using Digital Genetics to Improve the World’s Well Being

In the last post of this series, we highlighted Refineryy,  an Official PegaSys Partner and London-based startup doing exciting work with real estate and enterprise Ethereum. This time we’re excited to talk about our newest partner, Israeli-based startup, DNAtix.

Over the past couple of years, PegaSys has established itself as a leader in enterprise Ethereum, delivering features at a rapid pace to make the Ethereum blockchain production-ready for enterprises. With the most recent release of Hyperledger Besu including relational DB support and Private Marker Transaction signing, and upcoming releases set to include Multi-tenancy, Advanced Key Management and Pruning, the client is becoming even more enterprise-friendly. DNAtix is just one of the enterprises being supported by the work we are doing in the space.  

About DNAtix

DNAtix is an innovative Israeli start-up, co-founded by Ofer Lidsky and Dr. Tal Stines, which is developing a genetic platform using distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain). By providing anonymous and secured DNA testing & storage, DNAtix is reshaping Digital Genetics, making it more affordable and accessible to all and setting the basis for preventive and personalized medicine. To put it simply, the work DNAtix is doing is driving the world towards better health and well being.

In a world of seemingly ending data breaches, DNAtix is tackling the issue of keeping large and highly sensitive data confidential while being shared between parties such as hospitals, genetic labs, researchers and users and medical and financial institutions. DNAtix offers anonymous and secure DNA testing, transfer, storage and analysis, using a dedicated genetic DLT for accessible, secure, and anonymous genetic data management for both B2B and B2C clients.

DNAtix is the first company to successfully transfer human DNA on blockchain, through their proprietary DNA compression algorithm, which compresses up to 99% of DNA. With an MVP version of their first product, they have already developed an online genetic service, and have partnerships with Maccabi Health, the second-largest hospital network in Israel and an active use case around veterinary DNA testing.

The Product

As mentioned before, DNAtix has built special compression algorithm to store genetic data on chain. Blockchain is used in order to ensure immutability, security, and anonymity, allowing for people to not only securely share their genetic information and be compensated for it, but also to indicate whether or not that data has been tampered with. DNAtix has also utilized smart contracts for different genetic processes, and is now working on a sharded data-store system to enable genetic data to be constrained geographically for regulatory compliance.

Why Partner with PegaSys?

DNAtix is utilizing Hyperledger Besu as the platform for the permission-based dedicated genetic blockchain they are developing.

Hyperledger Besu will enable DNAtix to manifest its technology for private Blockchains which are dedicated systems intended for Governments and Healthcare institutes.

“We are excited to collaborate with the PegaSys team in the development of DNAtix genetic blockchain that will enable health care enterprises and genetic service providers to store, manage and share genetic data in a new, sophisticated and secure manner. We believe Genetics is a great use case for Blockchain technology.”

-  DNAtix CEO, Ofer A Lidsky

As a member of the PegaSys Partner Program, DNAtix gains access to special technical content, close collaboration with the PegaSys team, and the latest news on PegaSys' work in Enterprise Ethereum.

At PegaSys we heavily prioritize users and customers that are aiming for production. We bring a major commitment to work with those teams that are doing more than just a POC to dip their toe in the water – the power of a team of 65. For teams ready to go live, we offer the production support as well, a critical piece given the early nature of blockchain software. 

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