How PegaSys Plus Will Help Enterprises Take Their Blockchain from PoC to Production

From the team that developed Hyperledger Besu, here are 3 key questions enterprises must consider for blockchain success using Ethereum.

Since inception, PegaSys has been working closely with large scale consortia to develop an Ethereum protocol that meets the needs of enterprises within heavily regulated markets. We began our journey with Pantheon, now Hyperledger Besu, designed to deliver the most reliable, scalable and secure Ethereum platform. We’re thrilled to announce that later this month, we are releasing PegaSys Plus, an extension of Hyperledger Besu with comprehensive enterprise features such as additional security configurations, event streaming, advanced monitoring, and vendor support. 

Enterprise blockchain implementations have been slowgoing due to both the newness of the technology and because going from proof of concept to production is not a simple and clearly defined path. Organizations face critical considerations around the security, reliability, and visibility of a blockchain platform.  We built PegaSys Plus to bridge this gap.

PegaSys Plus, built on Hyperledger Besu, provides additional features to ensure enterprise blockchain implementations can surpass the hurdles of moving from PoC to production. Here are the three key questions that informed our design of PegaSys Plus and that we believe enterprises must consider before blockchain deployment.


How secure is your data at rest?

Data at rest is a honeypot for hackers, meaning enterprises need to ensure their data is secured at all times, not just when in motion. Consider the value of all of a hospital’s health records vs. those that are in use while in motion from one data center to another. Compliance standards like HIPAA and FISMA from the USA or the GDPR from the EU are designed to help reduce such risks.

For securing data at rest, we built RocksDB Encryption, a configuration plug-in exclusive to PegaSys Plus that provides simple configurations to ensure your data is secure by allowing users to encrypt the blockchain's internal database. Beyond data encryption, keys are held securely in keystores and vaults. This provides an extra layer of security in case of infrastructure tampering - so even if hackers gain access to your data, it is inaccessible due to encryption.


Do you know what’s happening with your solution at all times, in real-time?

The ability to monitor what is happening on your blockchain and set alerts to specific events allows your team to know what is happening at all times, in real time. 

Application developers can subscribe to any websocket-based events and scale using Kafka or Kinesis. What does that mean? A more stable stream, without requiring websocket subscriptions, that is scalable and reliable. You can easily set alerts or functionality triggers for events such as new blocks, sync progress, logs, etc, and monitor transactions as they arrive on the network, get included in blocks, get dropped, and more. Event Streaming is exclusive to PegaSys Plus. 


Can you monitor network reliability in real-time?

Production-grade blockchain requires consistent uptime of your platform, but all technology runs the risk of downtime. Fortune 1000 enterprises can expect the financial impact of downtime to be approximately 8% of revenue. Downtime is not only costly––it can diminish users’ trust in your blockchain solution. Blockchain networks can be both challenging to maintain and to restart, making real-time performance tracking a necessity for ensuring consistent uptime.  

PegaSys Plus delivers advanced monitoring to capture relevant metrics and help ensure the health of each validator node in your network. By capturing metrics like the last time a node produced a block or if performance is degrading, you can have real-time insights to resolve any concerns before they become a problem.

Learn More About PegaSys Plus

PegaSys Plus, our commercially-licensed Ethereum platform, will be available starting October 22, 2019. It’s built for enterprises looking for a production-grade blockchain solution. Users will gain all of the benefits of Hyperledger Besu along with additional features that are designed to help ensure the security, reliability, and scalability of your blockchain solution. Upcoming features include Group Privacy Modifications and Contract Permissioning, allowing for more flexibility and granular control of your platform will be available in future releases. PegaSys Plus will be available directly on Azure upon release and on AWS Marketplace soon after. 

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