Pantheon Certification and PegaSys Partner Program

DISCLAIMER: As of September 2019, Pantheon has been renamed to Hyperledger Besu. In posts prior to September 2019, we refer to the Ethereum client as Pantheon.

Pantheon Certification

We’re very excited at PegaSys to announce our new Pantheon Essentials Certification in partnership with ConsenSys Academy! This exam is a great way for developers to show their expertise in the next generation of Enterprise Ethereum.

Blockchain engineers are in high demand, and protocol engineers even more so. Our Java-based stack and the skills involved in running a blockchain network are critical to building any use case in production.

This certification tests developers competence in the following topics:

  • Installing and running Pantheon
  • Best practices when using Pantheon's features, including consensus algorithms, permissioning, and privacy features

Any developers who have completed the (free) Pantheon Essentials course should be in great position to complete the certification. The exam is open book and untimed, and our documentation is available as another great resource!

Note: We recommend you use our Pantheon Documentation and take our recently launched Pantheon Essential Training to help with passing the certification.

Once completed, you are welcome to include the Pantheon Essentials Certification on your resume, LinkedIn or other places. We will also provide a certificate of completion if you’d like proof to show your employer that you completed the training as part of a L&D credit.

PegaSys Partner Program

The Pantheon Essentials Certification is also the first step (and only requirement) to becoming a PegaSys Partner - at least one team member must pass per organization. We’ll be announcing our launch partners next month and will be opening our program to joining then as well.

We’re looking for consulting companies that specialize in blockchain, teams building dApps or apps with blockchain, and infrastructure (i.e. blockchain-as-a-service) startups that believe in Ethereum and our mission of bringing it to the enterprise. Our belief at PegaSys is that we’ll only succeed by enabling the builders as much as possible!

The program will include access to special technical content for anyone building with Pantheon, joint marketing opportunities (like presenting on our webinars), training discounts, and the opportunity to provide feedback on our roadmap.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please reach out to us!

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