PegaSys Plus:
Commercially Licensed Enterprise Ethereum Client

PegaSys Plus offers all of the same functionality as Hyperledger Besu with additional features designed to better manage your client at scale, in a production environment.

of PegaSys Plus

Gain all the privacy, permissioning and functionality of Hyperledger Besu along with:

PegaSys Plus is a commercially-licensed Ethereum client built on Hyperledger Besu. It extends Hyperledger Besu by providing additional enterprise features such as security configurations, event streaming, and advanced monitoring.


Encryption At Rest

RocksDB Encryption provides configurations for additional security, so that your data remains inaccessible when at rest.


Advanced Monitoring

Monitor your validator nodes in real-time to ensure the reliability and consistent uptime of your blockchain solution

Event Streaming

Subscribe to events with Kafka or Kinesis with alerts or automated functions to ensure you have full visibility and enable process automation, increasing reliability and scalability of your solution


PegaSys Plus comes with tiered vendor support to fit your needs – choose from 9×5 or 24×7 and more. We will work with you to ensure you go from proof of concept to production with ease.

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