PegaSys Protocol Engineering – February 2020 Update

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn’t stop PegaSys from making it a big one. The team celebrated a big release, hosted two webinars, and is currently out and about at events in the US and Europe. Read on for all the details!

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The PegaSys team is pleased to announce the next major release of Hyperledger Besu v1.4, available February 26, 2020. Besu 1.4 includes a number of much-anticipated features focusing on performance and enterprise-driven functionality such as:

  • New Plugin APIs to help you connect your blockchain network to the rest of your infrastructure with ease
  • New Tracing APIs to help improve compatibility with other Ethereum clients
  • Multi Tenancy to allow for more than one user on the same Ethereum node
  • End to End Encryption with TLS to ensure the entire lifecycle of your transaction is secure
  • Sync time improvements
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As part of its 1.4 release, Hyperledger Besu exposes a Plugin API, allowing anyone to write custom plugins for Besu, and leveraging the work that the PegaSys team has done developing PegaSys Plus, a premium version of Besu packaged with several plugins tailored to running an Ethereum network in production.

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orchestrate replay

Later in February, the PegaSys team proudly announced the addition of a new product to our suite: PegaSys Orchestrate.  PegaSys Orchestrate is a platform that enables building secure and reliable Ethereum powered applications with ease. To learn more about PegaSys Orchestrate, sign up for the replay of our recent webinar.

Partner Program

Have you heard about our PegaSys Partner Program? The program, meant for startups and enterprises, provides enablement like special technical content, closer collaboration on roadmap, and updates on upgrades.

Recent partners include Blok-Z, Ocyan, Cloud Z, and SK holdings C&C.

Interested in joining the program? Reach out to us!

Recent Events

  • ETHDenver, February 14-16, Denver, Colorado
    • ConsenSys and PegaSys members including Product Designer Jake Haugen and Blockchain Protocol Engineer Danno Ferrin were both on the ground at this year’s ETHDenver, where PegaSys also had a bounty up for the best use of Hyperledger Besu’s Plugin API. We also gave out some special edition PegaSys stickers. We’d love to see where you’ve put them! Share with us on Twitter at @PegaSysEng!
  • ConsenSys  Roadshow, March 2, Paris, France
    • The PegaSys Orchestrate Team, plus Felipe Faraggi, kicked off the week in Paris with the first ever ConsenSys roadshow. The event opened with a keynote by ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin, and included interactive client testimonials and working sessions with Product Reps from PegaSys, Infura and Codefi. We are looking forward to the next one!

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