PegaSys Protocol Engineering – March 2020 Update

The PegaSys team was hard at work as ever this March, with events, new releases and exciting announcements being made throughout the month.  As we head into April, we hope that our community is staying healthy and safe. 

hyperledger besu

Active Status

We are excited to announce that Hyperledger Besu has graduated from incubation to active status, making it the only Ethereum project to be granted active status in the Hyperledger Greenhouse. 

By voting for Hyperledger Besu to be granted active status, the Technical Steering Committee acknowledges that Besu meets all of the Incubation Exit Criteria, including legal requirements, high-quality documentation, consistent tooling usage, and diversity of community requirements. 

Read more: Hyperledger Besu Graduates to Active Status

DAML on Hyperledger Besu

Earlier this month at Hyperledger Forum, it was announced that Digital Asset partner, Blockchain Technology Partners is adding commercial support for Hyperledger Besu through its Sextant for DAML platform.

Read more:  Ethereum-compatible Hyperledger Besu now has Enterprise Grade DAML Smart Contracts

Latest Release

Hyperledger Besu 1.4.2 is now available!

In this release, we've added more parity-style tracing (trace_block) and enhanced the syncing query and eth_syncing JSON-RPC API.

Read the docs: 

pegasys plus

Hitachi Partnership

Hitachi Solutions has partnered with ConsenSys to bring Enterprise Ethereum to the Japanese market. The two companies will work together to streamline the development of decentralized applications, enabling trustless and secure transactions with PegaSys Plus.

Read more:  Hitachi Solutions Partners With ConsenSys to Bring Enterprise Ethereum to the Japanese Market with PegaSys Plus

Partner Program 

Have you heard about our PegaSys Partner Program?! The program, meant for startups and enterprises, provides enablement like special technical content, closer collaboration on roadmap, and updates on upgrades.

Interested in joining the program? Reach out to us! 

Event Recap

EthCC, March 3 - 5, Paris, France

Felipe Faraggi, Nicolas Massart, Nicolas Maurice, Thomas Piellard and Tim Beiko spoke at the third annual Ethereum Community Conference, or EthCC, hosted in Paris. Check out our blog for a recap of the event. PegaSys at EthCC: A Retrospective

Hyperledger Global Forum , March 3-6, Phoenix, Arizona

Danno Ferrin, Grace Hartley and Maryam Mahjoub spoke about Hyperledger Besu as well as the PegaSys Product Suite at Hyperledger Global Forum. Check out videos from the event:

InterCon, March 13, Remote

BlockSpain - Enterprise Blockchain Spain, March 26th, Full Remote

Felipe Faraggi and LACChain members hosted the inaugural meetup of Blockspain, giving an intro to Hyperledger Besu, LACChain and more. 

Upcoming Events

Due to the current world events, conferences and Meetups will be done virtually for the foreseeable future. Keep an eye on our Twitter for more events that  we’ll be taking part in! 

NONCON, April 3-5

Besu: Blockchain and Ethereum for Companies, April 2, Blockchain Colombia

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