PegaSys Protocol Engineering Update- May 2019

DISCLAIMER: As of September 2019, Pantheon has been renamed to Hyperledger Besu. In posts prior to September 2019, we refer to the Ethereum client as Pantheon.

It’s been yet another busy month for the PegaSys team. We wrapped up April with the release of Pantheon 1.1, which coincided with our privacy webinar, and launched straight into May which has been full of events surrounding NYC Blockchain Week and exciting announcements. Read on to find out all the details!

New Releases

Pantheon 1.1 was released April 30th. This release included a new privacy feature and smart-contract based permissioning. With the 1.1 release, we now have a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade offerings that make us the premier Ethereum client for enterprises.

In our latest release, Pantheon 1.1.1, GraphQL implementation is now supported.

Rewatch the 1.1 webinar, check out our updated documentation, and then download the latest release!

Pantheon Academy Training 

We are excited to announce that PegaSys Protocol Engineering's FREE Pantheon Academy Training, hosted by ConsenSys Academy, is now live.

Pantheon Academy Training

This short course allows developers to get to know the functionality and features of our open source Java-based Ethereum client, Pantheon. We provide you with all the instructions needed to install and start using Pantheon, and get you up and running in just one hour. Sign up today, and stay tuned for updates on how to become certified!


LiquidShare Partnership

We announced this month that we have partnered with LiquidShare, who will launch a production-ready grade system on our Java-based Enterprise Ethereum client, Pantheon, and intends to enter its production phase at the end of 2019.

Read the full press release here or on Yahoo Finance!


The EEA recently released Version 3 of the EEA Client Specification with numerous clarifications and some notable improvements. PegaSys is proud to have been a part of developing the EEA Client Specification! Read more about how we were involved on our blog.


Exciting news from Kaleido - they now support Pantheon 1.1!  Check out their press release for the details.

Event Updates

PegaSys team at May events
Clockwise: Kaia Myers-Stewart announces winner of Ethereal Hackathon at Ethereal NY, Daniel Heyman presents at NYC Blockchain Center, Cem Özer gives a talk at ConsenSys' Crypto Spring MeetUp, Johnny Rhea and Joseph Delong at Road To Interop Workshop.

Ethereal Hackathon

Last month, PegaSys sponsored the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon. As a part of this, we put up a Gitcoin Bounty prize of 5,000DAI for a GraphQL interface implementation in Pantheon. Check out our recap to find out who won, and keep an eye on our Bountied Work repository and Jira dashboard to get involved!

Ethereal NY

Following the hackathon, PegaSys also sponsored Ethereal Summit which took place from May 10-11 in NYC. PegaSys Protocol Engineers Cem Özer and Akhila Raju spoke about Ethereum 2.0. Stay tuned for a recording of their talk!

NYC MeetUp Blockchain Center NYC

We co-hosted our first Meetup at the newly opened NYC Blockchain Center during NYC Blockchain Week. PegaSys Program Director Daniel Heyman opened with a presentation about Enterprise Ethereum, followed by an engaging panel featuring Markus Levin (XYO), Dan Trevino (NoteRiot) and Steve Cerveny (Kaleido) in which they discussed best practices and possible roadblocks.

Eth 2.0 Interop Workshop

PegaSys’ Team Artemis hosted a "Road to Interop" workshop during NYC Blockchain Week. Check out the video below for a look at what went on:

Road to #Interop Workshop

Thanks to Joseph De Longe, Johnny Rhea, Felix Lange, Terence Tsao, Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin for taking part in the workshop!

Crypto Spring Meetup

Cem Özer closed out a long day at the Interop workshop with a talk at ConsenSys’ Crypto Spring Meetup. It was a packed house - thanks to all who came!

Upcoming Events

Hopper Down Under

Kaia Myers-Stewart, Madeline Murray, Sally MacFarlane and Sandra Johnson will be speaking at the Hopper Down Under Conference, created by and for women technologist. The event takes place July 29-31st in Brisbane, AUS.


Felipe Faraggi will be hosting a talk about “Permissioning in Enterprise Ethereum” as well as speaking on a panel during TruffleCon 2019, taking place August 2-4 in Redmond, WA, USA.

Fintech Symposium

Daniel Heyman  will be presenting "The State of Blockchain: Separating Hype from Reality" at the U.S. Fintech Symposium, September 16&17th in Chicago, IL, USA! 

Early registration is still open! Register today on their website.

Ethereum Engineering Group MeetUps

PegaSys members regularly host MeetUps in Brisbane, AUS. For a look at their upcoming events, check out the Ethereum Engineering Group MeetUp page.


PegaSys is growing! If you or someone you know may be interested in any of our open positions, please reach out:

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