Webinar: Learn how to leverage Plugin APIs on Hyperledger Besu

Recording Now Available

Connectivity is key with any technology. PegaSys, committed to delivering the best Ethereum platform for enterprises, has built a Plugin API for Hyperledger Besu. You can now connect the blockchain to the rest of your infrastructure with ease.

Join us on this 40 minute webinar where we will present:

  • How  Plugin APIs can help improve your use of Hyperledger Besu 
  • A demo showing how a plugin can easily be built and connected to outside systems using Hyperledger Besu’s Plugins API
  • Best practices for building blockchain plugins

We’ll also be sharing the details of our Bounty on Plugin APIs for EthDenver.

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Tim Beiko
Product Manager, PegaSys

Tim Beiko (@timbeiko) is a Product Manager at PegaSys and Ethereum Cat Herder. Before working full-time on Ethereum, he worked as a product manager for Element AI, which provides AI solutions to large enterprises. Prior to that, he started a travel startup based out of Southeast Asia.

Danno Ferrin
Blockchain Protocol Engineer, PegaSys

Danno Ferrin is a Blockchain Protocol Engineer at PegaSys. He has sought refuge in the Ethereum community after journeying through the world of backend servers and desktop clients at places such as Google, Oracle, and smaller startups.

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