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A better way to leverage blockchain technology.

PegaSys is committed to delivering the best experience for Ethereum developers and enterprises.

Hyperledger Besu

Hyperledger Besu is the best Ethereum client for mainnet and permissioned chains. With its easy adoption, high reliability and simple scalability, Hyperledger Besu is designed to deliver on developer and enterprise needs. We continuously improve features and have an R&D team dedicated to the evolution of Ethereum.


Increase security by ensuring key management operations are handled independent of Hyperledger Besu with EthSigner. The open source, client agnostic tool facilitates signing operations in a self-contained enclave. EthSigner manages private key file storage, and currently supports two external key management systems (KMS), Hashicorp Vault and Azure Key Vault.

PegaSys Plus

PegaSys Plus is a commercially licensed Ethereum platform. It offers all of the same functionality as Hyperledger Besu with additional features designed to accelerate production of your blockchain solution.

Ethereum 2.0

Coming 2020

PegaSys is committed to the progression of Ethereum. Our R&D team is consistently making strides in evolving the technology and in 2020 we will be releasing Ethereum 2.0 which will offer:

  • Full compatibility with the Beacon Chain specification
  • Proof of Stake consensus